Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us :)

Well on August 2ND was our 1 year anniversary, yay baby! I know I know I am like a week late posting it lol I just really have not had a chance to get on the computer! Anyhoo... I just cant believe one year has gone by so darn fast, but we were talkin about it and my goodness the end of this august will be 7 years Kyle and I have been together that's crazy, it seems like we have been married way longer than a year maybe its just because we have been together for so long lol hahah who knows! But I must say Kyle Ryan you are amazing in every single way possible and to this day you still give me those butterflies in my stomach when you kiss me and make me weak at the knees when you smile at me! We were truly meant to be together and live a life long happiness!!! You are all I have ever known, dating since I was 15 years old my goodness we have come such a long long way :) look how far we have come, seven years together, we got married last year and started a beautiful family! So here's to the man who is not only my very best friend, father of my child but the absolute love of my life :) I love you Kyle Ryan, you are my everything, always and forever :) Sorry I only have this pic on this computer, once we move in our house and get our computer going I can put some pictures of our wedding I know some people have been asking me to put them up:)