Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silly Weekend

I know its almost another weekend here in two days lol and I just posting from last weekend man I just have not had time to get on! ha... well we had a wonderful weekend Kyle went hunting with most of the Slone boys, so Aly and her girls made a trip up to show low to visit and we got to spend the weekend with them at grandma Linda's house, which was a blast! Grandma Linda totally spoiled her kiddos like always, so they had a blast all those cousins running around was hilarious!! Talen was chasing them all he was little monster they called him, which that he can be sometimes lol! What a fun and silly weekend, it really is always the best in the world when all the little cousins get together they just have so much fun! It was just a great weekend, here are a few pics hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Who needs batman when you have the bad to the bone little Robin :)hahaha

So Talen was Mr. Robin this year lol we wanted dto make him batman they had the cutest costume but there was no way he would have worn a mask that coves every part of his face but his mouth so we thought the robin was cute and easy!! :) And boy did he look super cute! We had a great weekend just relaxed on Halloween day then went trick or treating with Jacob and Haylee and went to family and friends houses it was just a great day given the fact that I got super sick the end of the night :( but it was funny because all Talen could say was candy candy like the whole night my goodness I had to hide the candy because he was obsessed! Here are some pics from our fun night!

And on Sunday once again it was just super relaxing which was wonderful but Kyle and I had a date night that was super fun! Kyle's parents watched Talen for us and we went out to dinner and then went bowling now my gosh I have to tell you we have not been bowling in like four or five years and it has not been just Kyle and I alone together for a while hahaha WE had a great time, we decide we are going to do a date once a month just Kyle and I and for each month the other person has to pick out what we are going to do and surprise on another :) Really it is so important for Kyle and I to do that cuz ya know I think when you have kids and all the other crap in life lol sometimes you forget about the two of you and that's hard sometimes... but I think its nice to have some time together, get to talk, go out and remember whey you feel in love :) so that's what we are starting to do, woot woot! It was really so weird though with out our Talen Ryan not out on our date with us haha we felt naked he is our little man our EVERYTHING just cant get enough of him, but it was good for us lol....

Oh and we had our doctors app last week everything is lookin great and baby's heartbeat is 162!!! We are so excited about this baby this is such a blessing and such a blessing to have our Talen roo and now we are going to get to see him being a big brother:) so excited!