Monday, June 29, 2009

Havasupai Falls!!!

Last Thursday ten of us went to the beautiful Havasupai falls in the south part of the grand canyon, Kyle and I, Kristine and Brandon, Vicki and Justin, Art and Krissy, and Ryan and Robyn ventured off 10 miles to the beautiful falls and my oh my I had no clue that something that beautiful could be in Arizona! Its just amazing! The water is this beautiful blue green and absolutely as clear as can been! Now givin the hike is 10 miles all the way to the camp ground and 8 to the village was a little challenging for us lol its just a really long hike and about a mile in a half of those dang switch backs, man! We figured about all together we did about 28 miles, walking there and back and to the village once to call and see if Talen and the other girls wanted to see if their kids were doing ok and then back to all the falls, dang that is alot especially for me I'm so not a hiker hahah!

It's just an awesome place that I think everyone should at least go see and try once in their lives, it was a good experience. They have the camp grounds but they also have lodges you can stay at in the village, it really is just an great experience and a hole different world down there! But let me add I will never hike it again, but I will however pay to helicopter down or horse back ride hahaha that was just too many miles for me, but what a great time we had and what a fun bunch of people that went with us! We had a wonderful time! If you ever get the chance to go see it you really should!!! We only got to see two falls Mooney and Havasupai because the others were damaged from the flood they had last year :( but they were both beautiful!! And man did I miss our Talen Ryan more than ever it was so hard to be away from him, I have never been away from him for that long so that was hard, but I am so greatful that my sister took care of Talen for me, thank again sissy, I love you! But all in all we really enjoyed ourselves! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Latest Happenings!

Well.... I'm so sorry its been a while everyone, my gosh our lives have seem to be such a blur lately just crazyness!! Let me just start with my grandma passing away, she had a sever stroke two weeks ago and passed away on the 13Th and let me tell you how hard that has been I just cant even begin to explain how rough these two weeks have been. My grandma was not you typical grandma, oh no, my grandma was the best German cook ever, always yelled at you if you were in the kitchen, always got made at me when I went grocery shopping for her at walmart and would get the wrong thing, always would yell at Kyle for bbqing something that was not her way lol smoked and drank all her life and still went to the bar every now and then :) lol that's right to this day I would go pick her up from the bar every once in a while so darn funny and am really going to miss that more than anything! She was the most amazing women and had such a wonderful heart and loved every single one of us like there was no tomorrow! Grandma I don't know what in the world to do without you, you have seriously touched us in so many ways you have no idea, and I really feel so weird moving back home to show low and you are not going to be here.... what the heck do I do?! We all love you more than anything and we are all going to miss you very much, I love so very much!!!! Grandma and Talen Ryan!

And on a happier note.... Kyle and I bought a house :) :) woohoo.... its just so darn exciting! We just got an awesome deal on it, my gosh its just crazy! We went down to the valley with Kyle's aunt and uncle to a house auction and were bidding on two houses, the one we really wanted of course someone out bid us, but then we bid on this one and just got way to good of a deal! Its out in linden on 1.34 acers and 1900 sq feet, its pretty big, its way cute, and given it does need some work but has so much potential and we plan on fixing it up and selling it in two years and really making some money off it :) We figure if we do that at least one or two more times with another house we could almost own a really nice house free and clear, if we just buy, fix this one and another one up and sell it:) We are just so excited to finally have a house and and start working on it, its going to be so so much fun!!! I will have to take some pictures of it and post them :)

So things are finally starting to settle down a little bit I guess, the other night we went out with Kyle's parents and his sister and her kids and went out looking for some elk and had a little camp out, but without actually staying the night out there lol It was alot of fun thought, we roasted some hot dogs and did smores we just had a good old time, just really relaxing and enjoyable just to go out there for a night and relax and sit down and laugh with your family! They went out again tonight but we we not able to go we had to work on the house :( but here are some pics from the last one!

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ah... my two favorite boys in the whole world!!!

And also, yesterday was fathers day and I hope every father out there had a great day! But I just want to say thank you to my Kyle Ryan for being just a wonderful father, loving husband and my very best friend!!! You are such an amazing daddy and you just light up whenever you are around Talen and you help so much I could not ask for anyone better to be the father of my kids!:) Talen just absolutely adores you and you know he is constantly looking around the corner saying "dada" and looking for you lol he just gets so excited when he sees you walk through that door after work its just too sweet! Thank you honey for giving your heart and your soul to Talen and I, we LOVE you!!!

My two handsome boys! You are the best daddy ever Kyle!!!!

Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Ok, so Talen has been doin so good trying to walk oh my goodness it is just awesome watching you child try and take their first real steps :) These past couple of days have been rough with everything that has been going on with my grandma so its so nice to have these moments, just makes everything better! He almost has it and its so exciting :) minus the face plants he does every now and then hahaha! We really think he is going to be walking soon! Here is a little video of him trying and he does pretty good, he does real good like the second or third time back :) ENJOY!