Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slone Campin Trip!

So we went on the fun Slone camping trip, good times, good times, just forgetting about all the worries in life and just relaxing! Its always wonderful to get the whole family together and camp, fish, ride quads, sit by the camp fire and goof around what seriously could be more relaxing and enjoyable then that:) Talen absolutly loved it out there my goodness and did he ever LOVE riding the quads and arctic cat with daddy!!! He just seriously loves it, we wounldn't even be riding and he would look over and see the quads and go vmmmm vmmmm with his lips hahah oh so cute! Gosh I'm starting to get a little worried I have this feeling he is going to be just like his dad and be crazy on dirt bikes and quads, YIKES! lol

Anyhoo... we went camping by chevlon lake and boy is it gorgous, the lake is so dang pretty but a pain in the you know what to get too my gosh, just a hike and really steep to get down to the lake but we had a great time! We had a good time, I think everyone in the family needed it, especially with everything that has been going on in the family and grandpa george would have wanted us to go camping and enjoy ourselves, so it was a wonderfl trip and so glad we went and looking foward to our next camping trip this summer:) Just thought I would show some pictures with everyone! Hope you all are doing wonderful!

Mommy and Talen on the Arctic cat, it was so funny because everytime Kyle and I would take it out he would just fall asleep hahaha... its so funny that kids get sleepy on things like that you would think it would be the complete opposite!

Talen on his little camping chair eatin his cheetos! :)

oh my... my crazy husband riding on two wheels and doin wheelies, he scares the crap out of me sometimes!

hahaha Savanna and I doin a wheelie, cant you tell, minus the hands lol:)

Gosh I'm sorry everyone I should have just done a slideshow lol

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Talen Ryan is ONE!!!

Holly cow, I still cant belive that saturday my baby boy turned one! It is amazing how fast time goes by! Wow what an amazing year it has been, life would just not been the same without our baby boy, really God has given us the best gift in the world and for all you parents out there you totally know what I mean, It is the best feeling in the entire world to love someone that much, and its the coolest feeling having them think mommy and daddy is the it thing, they dig ya, ya know ;) Love it!!! Words just cannot explain how greatful we are for him, WE LOVE YOU TALEN RYAN SLONE!!!

Our angel baby, Talen Ryan Slone 6lbs 1oz 19 inches long ;) Now look at ya lol

So Saturday we had a party for Talen and it was lots of fun, family and friends what could be better. I did a monkey theme for Talen since Kyle always calls him his little monkey, we thought that would be super cute! So that morning I made Talens big monkey cake and Im walking out to put it in my sisters car, and I freaking drop his cake, awww.... are you kidding me?? Uh, I was so upset lol but things happen I guess so I had to get over it real quick, it still truned out pretty good :) And man did he get lots of stuff, too much if you ask us lol he totally was spoiled my goodness, so we decided we are just going to give him some toys like every week or so because there is just way to much for him to play with all at once hahah. The gifts were awesome thank you everyone that came!!!

I made these little monkey cups, aren't they so dang cute:) We just bbq and had chocolate covered bananas one a stick and just had a good old time!

Daddy and birthday boy!!!

Talens little cake I made him, I know it kinda looks like a bear hahaha

Now remember I had to redo his entire face and everything hahaha

Blow birthday boy!

hahaha his batman pj's and the cape is so darn funny, I love it!!!!

So I know I have not posted in a while, things have just been so so darn crazy, but I will honestly get back on it, promise!!! I feel like now that we are back in show low I just seem to be so much more busy and always doing something, Talen and I are just busy busy busy!!! It was seriously so nice the other day Kyle and I decided to go for a quad ride we used to do that all the time in high school lol but anyways we took mine quad an his out and mine has not been riden in forever, I feel bad Kyle bought it for me in high school and I stoped riding it after I graduated hahaha oops but it was great to just get out! Brandon and Ryan, Kyle's cousins came with us and we just had a great time it was nice to get to hang and with my hubby and with the boys!!! ;) Anyhoo.... I'll keep ya all posted and be alot more on top of my blog! Thats all for now friends, take care!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lets Play Catch-Up

Ok, so it has been a while since I have posted so I thought I would let everyone know whats been going on with the Slone family ;) Well we are finally moved out of flagstaff yay!! and officially a Show Low resident again hahah never thought I would be so darn proud to say that lol... things have been pretty darn crazy, moving everything into storage, and moving all of our stuff into Kyle grandma Linda's house and getting Talen adjusted to everything has been pretty interesting! But things have been going great, we started looking for houses and man has that been so dang fun, we are finding some awesome ones with great deals and lots of land thanks to Kyle's aunt Leslie she is wonderful,we would be lost without her, so I will for sure keep everyone posted as to when we do make an offer on a house ;)

Oh gosh and then I was thinking about going to go back to work to the doctors office I used to work for but decided not to for a while, I mean they were going to give me part time again and awesome hours but I'm just not ready and its wonderful because they said whenever I want to come back I am more then welcome so that's just to cool to be true with how the economy is going and everything, but then I figured well my goodness ya know I just want to be with Talen and I enjoy more then anything being a stay at home mom, I mean don't get me wrong it has its days hahaha let me tell ya, but I sure all you moms out there can agree it defiantly has its days, but I love it! So now I am thinking well I have my certificate to sub and I did a couple of times in flag so I mine as well apply to sub here right if there is any positions open and just do that every once in a while which I think would be super fun, but anyways that's kinda whats been going on in our little lives. Oh and Kyle started working over here in show low and LOVES it, its like a hole new man hahaha he just could not be happier and loves everyone he works with, its just honestly for the better for him and for us, I absolutely adore and love show low and there is no other place I would rather be in the world to raise my kids!!!

Oh dang and something that I really need to get done is a need to go buy a camera charger since ours was accidentally packed away in one of the boxes and put in storage, I'm really wanting to put some pictures up of Talen Ryan he is just getting so darn big and is going to be one this month ;) I know crazy huh?! but I'm having too much fun getting everything ready for his birthday party, so that will be lots of fun! Well that's it for now folks, hope everyone is doing wonderfully, and I'll get my camera going and put up some pictures! I just think things are going to be a little crazy till we buy a house and get all settled in lol so bare with me :) Take care!