Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My goodness, has it been quite a while since my last most, my apologies lol Well I just thought I would give everyone a little update on us!
FINALLY, we are moved into our house :) woot woot! I just absolutely hate unpacking though my gosh its just the worst! And man oh man I have been super sick lately with baby and chasing Talen Ryan all around I seriously have not felt like unpacking or doing anything, but I need to get off my behind and just do it lol
oh and FINALLY I found our camera charger in one of the boxes that was of course the last box in the back in storage ha so I plan on taking lots of pics! And also we FINALLY got our computer all hooked up and I am ready to start rocking and rolling back in the blog world:)

As for Kyle and I we are doing wonderful!!! Kyle is still my awesome super husband who is still working super hard, working on the house all the time, taking care of his not so nice sometimes grouchy pregnant wife and chasing Mr. Talen around lol He is just the most AMAZING person I know and don't know what my life would be like without him!!!

Me, well I'm doing great except for the hole being really sick :( I was doing pretty good at first and then BAM... it just started getting really bad everyday! Cant wait for it to pass hopfully soon though, we have our next Dr. app coming up and get to hear the baby's heart beat!!! :)

And Talen, he is doing GREAT he is so crazy I just love it, so funny and so darn cute we cant help but to just want to die laughing all the time! He is talking so good its amazing and is just truly becoming such a big boy! Its funny when we or anyone ask him...
Me-"Talen do you want a baby brother"?
Talen- "baby bother" he says or sometimes his response is "NO" lol

Me-"Talen do you want a baby sister"?
Talen-"rawwrrrrrr" its so weird and funny hahaha or is just the plan "um no" lol

oh great he is totally not wanting to share his mommy and daddy with anyone!

So here is just a couple pics of Talen, enjoy!
I have to get off my bum and do my hair, unpack and make dinner for my dads birthday tonight! Take care everyone!

Talen and his cousins busting a move out on the dance floor at Kyle's cousins wedding