Friday, July 31, 2009

Bye Bye July Hello August

Well as you can tell I am so darn ready for July to be over and SO ready for August :) July has just been one crazy month for us, my oh my! We have had one heck of a time with our house going through lets just say it has been a nightmare, but it finally closed yesterday, alright!!! Its finally ours we are finally home owners lol so excited! Then to add on to all this madness that has been going on this month, Talen got sick and has an ear infection in both ears :( I know my poor baby, its just been way sad, he has just been miserable, but we are for sure ready to say goodbye to July and hello August, start over fresh! This month we get to look forward to fixing up and moving into our house and also our anniversary is this weekend WOOHOO 1 year of marriage and the end of this August is 7 years Kyle and I have been together :) :) we are so dang excited about that! We were planning on going somewhere this weekend but we decided with all the crazy stuff going on with the house and Talen being sick we need to just stay here work on the house this weekend and take care of our baby and go next weekend!!! Anyhoo, things have just been way crazy this July and I am just ready for things to settle down! I wont bore everyone with every little crazy detail in our lives hahah we will just keep it sweet and simply for now, but just thought I would fill ya in! Hope everyone is doing great! Here are a few pic for this month, sorry alot of them are from my camera phone!

Oh goodness Talen loves going around the park in his little buggy! :)

Are funny little man, what would we do without you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

He's a walkin man!

Wooo hooo! Talen Ryan is officially walking now! It really is so darn crazy to us we just cant believe it, now it really is true when people say oh you just wait until he starts walking then they are into EVERYTHING and you have your hands full, and boy is that so darn true lol I remember sitting there saying goodness I wish he would start walking soon so I wouldn't have to put him down and his hands and everything wouldnt get all dirty, lol but now I am in for it! I do have my days but I just love chasing his cute little butt around everywhere I just cant believe our baby boy is walking, wow does life go by fast or what, I seriously have been learning to take one day at a time and seriously cherish, laugh and play with him as much as I can :) Mommy and daddy are so proud of you Talen Ryan we love you!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well a week has come and gone way too fast for the Slone family! Kyle's parents took the family to the beautiful California for a weeks vacation, we headed off to Disneyland, seaworld, legoland and the beach :) What a blast we had my goodness, we honestly cannot thank them enough it was an awesome trip that we will never forget :) I think it was all much needed for all of us!!! Disneyland was pretty awesome and although Talen and Jacob could not go on all the rides we still had a awesome time, but I will say though legoland was by far the best for the kiddos, if you have kids honestly it is such a neat place to take them and its all kid rides its really nice! But I do have a soft spot for animals and as always seaworld is my absolute favorite :) I just love it! I get all pumped up when they start screaming shamu shamu hahaha

Anyways we were there for the fourth of July which was pretty awesome being somewhere else during then and getting to see fireworks somewhere else, but I will say we did miss that good old Show Low parade and fireworks lol I think Show Low's fireworks actually do a pretty good job! But we did get to watch fireworks at seaworld, some other place by our resort, dont know where excatly lol and disneyland which was by the far the BEST, it was pretty cool!!! We spent half the day and the beach, goodness it was just so darn relaxing, Talen absolutly loved the beach, and had such a good time at all the parks it was way to cute and so glad we took lots of pictures for all the fun memories there :) My goodness I just realized I should have done a slide show holly picture over load lol I'm sorry I took some off so it would not be as long lol Enjoy, hope everyone is doing well, thanks for reading!

A day at the beach! :)

Disneyland and legoland!!! Sorry none of seaworld camera was not working :(