Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love the "NO" lol

I love the "SNOW" Talen means hahaha but in Talen language its oh the "no"! He has just been super duper excited about the snow so.... Kyle's mom grandma Vicki, his sister Jenny Aunt Jenny,and Haylee and Jacob came over yesterday to go sledding it was so much fun to watch and see the kids and watch Vicki and Jenny go down too lol, it was Talens fist time sledding and boy did he just love it! We live back on a dirt road and have a pretty good size hill and us and our neighbors are the only ones that drive on that road so it was perfect for the kids to sled down :) Oh gosh I think Talen had fun but was sooo about ready to fall asleep hahaha so cute! Hope you all are doing great!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ringing in the new year :)

Wow I just cant get over that it is already 2010, crazy crazy my goodness! 2009 was a pretty good year although we did lose two of the most amazing people grandma Erika and grandpa George which has been rough, so here's to hoping this new year will be alot better! Well we are for sure excited for this new year our baby boy is going to be two years old, we our having our second child which is a little girl, we have a wedding this year and vacation :) much needed! So here's to the new year!!!! Well last Saturday was my hubby's big 23rd birthday I know Im way late posting haha but anyhoo we took him out to the improv to see Charlie Murphy hahaha so funny my goodness we had the best time,ate dinner and got to see the comedy show it was such a fun night.... but since it was his birthday I just had to list 23 reasons why I love love love my Kyle Ryan to pieces!

1. He always has that adorable smile on his face that melts my heart!
2. He keeps my spirit high and always has me laughing!
3. Will eat ANYTHING I cook!
4. Loves getting home to Talen to play with him.
5. He is seriously on the ball with everything.
6. I love when I catch him watching me get ready for bed!
7. appreciates me for the small things
8. Treats me like a princess.
9. He always has good advice.
10. Does the funniest dances ever!
11. Has the funniest forest gump impression.
12. He is so unbelievably smart!
13. Loves loves loves dirt bikes and quads.
14. He makes the best breakfast sandwiches ever!
15. Loves his family very very much!
16. I love when he kisses my hand and my forehead
17. He is such a snuggle bug!
18. His kisses and hugs still give me butterflies
19. Always make sure Talen and I are safe and have everything we need!
20. I love his random ideas
21. falls asleep as soon as he lays down(works very hard)
22. I love when he nestles his little beard in my neck
23. Makes life simple and wonderful!

I just cant get enough of him!!! I love you honey!

And as for Talen Ryan he is doing great just loves playing with all his things he got from Christmas my goodness lol I don't even known what to do with it all, he loves to eat, loves to talk, play and just be an adorable little crazy boy! :)

Baby girl is doing great, moving around soooo much, we love getting to feel her move around everywhere its great. Things are going great and we could not be happier :)

Now I know that I have not been good about posting and taking pictures, but it just seems like I have been so super busy, but... that is my goal this year is to get organized :) We shall see how that goes! But other than that we are doing wonderful and could not be happier with out little life :) Happy new year everyone!!!