Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great news! Talen Ryan is crawling!!!

Oh my goodness I cant believe that my baby boy is crawling!!! He is getting really good at it, except he still totally gets lazy and will army crawl lol silly baby boy! He gets going pretty darn fast now when he really wants something or wants to get somewhere! I still cant believe that he is crawling and is nine months now, my goodness how time flys! We cant get over the fact that Talen Ryan is going to be one year old in three months, crazy crazy crazy! Everyone would say cherish every moment they grow so fast, and its not that I didn't believe them I just seriously did not think it would go by this fast lol Any hoo... here is just a little video of him crawling/army crawling :) Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!!! XOXOXOXOXO

So this Valentines day was absolutely wonderful! A little different considering the fact this year we had our Talen Ryan, and Kyle's parents came to stay with us for the weekend :) Seriously I think it was one of the best Valentines we have ever had in six in a half years!!! I'm so excited though because I got a brand new kitchen table form Kyle :), I know you probably thinking a kitchen table, what? lol well oh my ours was pretty bad, but I decided as I have gotten older and have a family now I realize that those flowers and boxes of chocolate that you so hoped for in high school and things aren't so important anymore! I mean don't get me wrong I still love to get them hahaha but I defiantly can do without them, a kitchen table was defiantly much needed :) This kitchen table is super cute, Ill take some pic of it when it comes in, it had to be ordered.

Any hoo... so spending time with Mark and Vicki was absolutely wonderful, we had such a good time and miss them so very much I know Talen misses his grandma Vicki and papa Mark! For V-day we totally all just did a little shopping and looking around and then went out to dinner, then came back home and put Talen Ryan to bed early he was so darn tired from being out all day lol and then just watched a romantic movie and went to bed, we had a great V-day with them :) It was great! Hope everyone had a great Valentines day as well :) :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful big sister!!!

A little late Posting! But today is my big sisters birthday, and I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kyle, Talen and I love you very much and are so sorry we couldn't be down there with you this year, but I hope you had a wonderful day!
REMEMBER when we were younger and you always used to dress me up and curl my hair and take pictures of me, I was like a little model at six years old lol!
REMEMBER when you would do my hair and pick out my clothes every single day for school I always had the prettiest curled hair and best outfit, I miss those days lol
REMEMBER when you used to let me drive your big red truck to the pool everyday so I would look cool ;)
REMEMBER when I was in the delivery room with you guys when boog a boo was born, my goodness holly crap scared me half to death, I think what scared me the most was seeing my big sister in pain lol!
REMEMBER when Kyle and I came down again after boog was born and you, mom and Roger went to the casino and we watched her for you, my goodness I had just turned fifteen and Kyle had just turned seventeen hahaha we about had a heart attack when she wouldn't stop crying the hole night lol bless her Little heart!
REMEMBER when we were in mills mall walking around you had me check Brooklyn's diaper and that was the oh so famous word pee pee crystals hahaha that we about peed our pants laughing so hard!!!
REMEMBER when we all went to Reno and you and I could not stop being so tired and all we wanted to do was sleep and Uncle Tony, Kyle, Mom and everyone were getting so mad at us, lol good times good times!
REMEMBER when you, roger, me and Kyle went to Mexico and we went on that cruise, oh my that was a night to remember lol how funny! ;)
REMEMBER the last time we went to Mexico and you and me were on the jet skies and a dang baby sword fist flew up on the jet ski hahaha and we were screaming SHARK SHARK lol maybe not a good thing to be screaming!
My goodness we have had and have so many memories and much much more, I hope you know I love you with everything, your a wonderful mother, daughter,sister, sister-in-law, wife and friend! We love you Happy Birthday sissy!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Silly Baby Boy!

We came into the room and he was totally upside down in his crib with the blanket over his head lol silly boy!!!

He seems to be in crazy positions every time we come into the room now to check on him lol

He had all the blankets all crazy and buried his head in the blankets, and he was breathing perfectly fine , scared me half to death though!!!

So we get back home from church right, change him into some comfy clothes and put him down for his early morning nap, he was seriously so tired from all that talkin he did during church while it was completely quite during worship, I think he likes to hear himself echo throughout the hole room hahaha! So like five minuets later, Kyle goes in and is like ummmm honey come her and look at your son, he so has been doing crazy things in his crib lol It scared me half to death because I'm like what oh my gosh can he breath??! Kyle was like yes I already checked lol He has been doing silly stuff like that all the time now hahah its so cute, he just doesn't like to sleep the right way in his crib I guess, Ill have to take some more pictures he gets himself in crazy crazy positions :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Woo Hoo Cowboy!

Yee haw!!! Talen honestly loves his little horse, that's probably about the only time I get where he is not freaking out because I am not holding him hahah.... He totally will sit, rock and bounce for like almost two hours which is great for me because I can just plop his little butt on it and he will watch me do my yoga and wii fit workout in the morning ;) And every once in a while he will let me leave the room and do dishes or something lol. Seriously I have learned being a mom you defiantly have to multitask and do everything one handed!!!;) Especially at this stage he just wants mommy and no one else, its kinda hard sometimes, is this normal?!

oh and something that I AM SO EXCITED to share with everyone and maybe its just because I am such a dork and super excited about it, but oh my goodness I AM SO EXCITED Talen said MA MA FOUR TIMES tonight at the dinner table :):) I never thought I would be so excited to hear those words!!! Now I know how Kyle felt when he said DA DA for the first time lol... Anyways just thought I would share :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good to finally be home!

Talen loves wearing hats especially his daddy's hats, he thinks its so funny!

Talen, Jacob and Micha during super bowl at grandma Linda's house! Go Cards!!! They all play so good together given the fact that Talen is only eight months old lol

Man oh man is it great to be home let me tell ya, you know when you are gone for a while from you house and you start to get really homesick lol that's totally how we were feeling my goodness! We have been gone for little over a week lol and of course to the valley and show low :) Things have been going great, busy busy busy though! Its nice to be home and get Talen Ryan back in his crib and in his normal routine. I think even Talen is glad to be back home lol! Now I better catch my butt back up on my classes I so have been slackin since we have been gone, and I'm ready for some more of our dance classes that Casi and I are taking at the college, so fun, have to get my butt back in shape!!!

OH and I must say how about those Cardinals!!! It was such a fun game to watch and get together with family and eat lol... though I must say even though they didn't win they did an awesome job and I think its wonderful they made it to the super bowl!!! I'm not into football at all but I gotta say having the Cardinals going to the super bowl was pretty cool!!! Anyways its great to be back home and by my computer so I can keep everyone posted! ;) Hope everyone is doing well!!