Friday, February 5, 2010

I got your crazy!

Oh boy has Talen Ryan just been on one and soo dang funny! We love it, he is so crazy and fun it is just the best! He is my crazy brruming daddy lovin, dirt bike riding, loves to do heal clickers on his quad little boy, I got your crazy he says but only a little harder to understand hahah he just mealts my heart :) He loves this bike that he is on but LOVES his little quad I will have to post some pictures of him on that cuz its so funny! Yes he has been a streaker lately and its hilarious and I do think its super funny until he pees on the floor in front of me! lol
We all have been doing wonderful super super busy it seems like, my Kyle ryan keeping busy with work and always keeping his head up high :) he is AMAZING! Talen ryan doing wonderful I just love him man oh man oh man, my boys just melt my heart! Me and baby girl and doing great she moves around so so so so much way more than Talen ever did, shes a wild one lol We are starting to work on her room finally so once we get that all done I will have to take some pictures! I started taking a yoga class with Brandi Kakavas to keep my fat butt in a little bit of shape haha and we absolutely love it, :) thanks Brandi! Once this baby girl is born I intend to take a dance class or cardo class to get back in shape so.... anyhoo that's kinda whats been going on with the Slone family, I know nothing to exciting! I do wish that I had more time to get on my blog, I really have just been enjoying Talen, enjoying Kyle and enjoying being pregnant and keeping up with all my daily task lol which can be over whelming sometimes! Well here are some pictures of Talen he is naked I have to warn you lol this is also before his hair cut so he totally has crazy hair;) Enjoy!!