Monday, March 23, 2009


So we had a wonderful weekend, this past weekend, my beautiful mom and sister came up to stay with us for a couple of days, oh and lets not forget my sisters four beautiful children,their so much fun we just love them to death!!! We had just a good ol time, we absolutely love when family comes to visit and it seems like we are never without family, we are either in Show Low every weekend or someone is always here at our house :) its really nice! We had a really fun time just goofing around the house, taking the kids to the new autoplex swimming pool and goin to the park since it has been oh how do we say it B-E-A-Utiful outside!!!! Here are some pics of our fun filled weekend, sorry if there is a hole bunch of pics there were just to many cute ones to choose from lol

Daddy, Talen Ryan and Boog a boo!

My two favorite boys! Not sure Talen knew what to think hahaha

My beautiful sister and Talen Ryan Slone!

lol I just love this picture, he looks like a little snaggletooth!

Oh my little man, we love you so very much!

Talen and daddy just cracking up!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

WHAT A DAY!!! :)

So yesterday was such a fun day, my goodness we had a good time!!! Casi and I decided to take the boys to the park and play, we had some coffee drinks and just chatted forever it was great, we just watched the boys play and played with them down the slides,it was fun! :) Then around 12:00 or so my hubby got off work early and came and played with us!!!lol I absolutely LOVE the weather its perfect and so perfect to get out and take your little ones out and play, I'm so darn excited for summer;) But anyways, what a day it was, after the park we ventured to Sam's club and ate and then Casi and I went tanning and Kyle watched the boys for us, thanks honey! :) Then we came back to our house and Casi gave Talen his fist hair cut, that was much much needed he has so much darn hair lol... Now today I am going to try and fohawk it, so we will see how it looks today!! Its going to be so darn cute ;) Here are some pics from our fun day!

OH boy, Talen wasn't sure about the swing at first and then he loved it, he was just so layed back and was in it forever!

hahah the boys were fighting over the snacks!

So darn cute! We had such a great time and our going again today with Casi, the boys and my mom :) Its just to darn nice outside to not be going out, ya know?!!

And so this was Talens first hair cut!!! :) He has so much hair and it was looking pretty funny, so I told Casi I wanted to be able to style it all cute and eventually do a little fohawk with it, she he has such great hair hahah!

I'm not sure he knew what to think lol!

So darn cute! Now today is the real test on seeing what we can do with it! Thanks again Cas you are the best and such a great and wonderful friend!!!!

My little man was so ready to be out of that chair from getting his hair cut lol, what a day indeed it was though:) We had fun!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well... mmmm hmmm... Talen Ryan is totally at the stage now where he is starting to get into EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! I cant turn my head for one split sec without him getting into something. I mean we have completely baby proofed our house or so what we thought, his big thing is having mommy chase him all around and he is like speedy gonzales crawling I swear, getting into cords from the computer and the darn TV or opening every dresser drawer that he can get into and pulling all the dang clothes out. I mean my goodness we have tried to tie the cords and tape them up but he still manages to get them somehow lol or even in these pictures when I was on a craze of dusting everything in site one day and keeping everything real clean, meanwhile he was pulling out all of the dirty clothes out of the laundry baskets and making a bigger mess for mommy, which is not a big deal but it was one of those days were I was like UGH, ya know! He just thought that was a hoot though! :)

He was thinking pretty hard about taking the clothes out and then, I was watching him from the corner of my eye and he would sometimes put them back in, it was so funny! All I know is it gets tirering trying to keep up with little man he is a speedy little buger and I cant imagine what it is going to be like when he starts walking ;) wooee! Kyle will come home and watch him and be like ahhh... how in the heck do you keep up with him, he gets into everything we have! I always tell him oh its a gift, its a mom thing hahaha :)

Oh I had to throw in this picture because it's cute and between his horsey and this laundry basket is about the only break I get from not chasing him all over the dang house lol Gives me 5 to 10 min to sit down! ;) Oh my baby Talen I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH and do enjoy spending every sec with him and chasing his little butt around! I know someday I wont be able to anymore so I better enjoy it now ;) ;)
Oh I also had a question for all you mommies out there, Talen doesn't have a bottle at all during the night but he still wakes up at least once in the middle of the night usually around two or so for his binky.... is there anyway I can figure out a way to try and get him to sleep through the hole night??? Maybe we should just stop given him the binky, I don't know, I am coming to terms that maybe he is just one of those babies that doesn't sleep through the hole night, I'm sure he will eventually, but I just don't know lol! If anyone has any advice please give it!!! Thank you!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Yessiree Bob, Talen Ryan is nine in a half months old already, can you believe it???! I know we cant lol, seriously where does the time go its just craziness! My angle baby is getting so darn big and is getting close to the big ONE, ahhhh.... He is just so darn cute! Oh so he totally he learned bye bye and hi and seriously just laughs and laughs about it he thinks its so funy, he is just the sweetest! He is crawling super fast and pulling himself up on everything that he can :) Go Talen Ryan! But anyways here are a couple of pics from our fun weekend at Grandma Lindas house!

Talen and some of his cousins, now hey, we just need Micah, Chloe and Tayler, we will get them all in there next time :) Talen loved trying to keep up with all of them this weekend, poor little guy they all left him in the dust though! lol

Haha this was so funny, all of the kids where playing under Grandma Linda's ping pong table and once again Talen trying to join in on all the fun, lets not forget as of right now he is the youngest Slone,so he is having a hard time trying to keep up with some of the older ones. But he is not the youngest for long that is until Aly has miss little Kylie :)

Talen loves his Papa Mark and little miss Haylee Baylee!
And last but not least, Grandma Linda and Talen! This weekend we got have a three day weekend with her, it was much needed, it was so much fun and it was nice to keep her company and she for sure keept us company! She is seriously the most amazing women I have ever meet no doubt about that! For all that she is going through,and to still have such a strong faith and the biggest heart in the world and always has a smile on her face, WOW!!WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH, and are always here for you!!! So glad we got to have a sleep over lol it was wonderful and Talen just snuggled his Grandma Linda the hole weekend like you would not believe!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


As most of you know Grandpa George Slone sadly passed away on Tuesday February 24, a complete shocker that all of us are still going through. This has been so hard for the hole Slone family, I cant even begin to describe what everyone is going through! Grandpa George is the literly the foundation for the hole Slone family and my what a bunch they are, I have never seen a family so close and that is just such a blessing because that is what is going to get everyone through this difficult time in our life's, I truly believe that every family should use the Slones as a example, they are amazing. I have never in my life been so proud and truly blessed to be married into the Slone family and apart of this wonderful family that the Lord has truly blessed! It has been the hardest thing to ever go through, being so close to him and loosing him, its just so hard to let go and except that the Lord needs him more then us! Something that Kyle and I are learning going through this is our faith and how strong it really is, thanks to grandpa George... a while ago George gave Kyle this wonderful book called God calling and told us to read it every night together, and let me say with loosing him we are starting tonight reading it together everyday.

Grandpa George I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me with open arms into your WONDERFUL family and knowing you has been the best thing that has ever happen to me and it has been such an honor knowing you and learning everything that you taught us, thank you! Kyle looked up to you and loved you more then you will ever know, and Talen loves his papa George and always will, and as for me thank you for making our life so much fun and reassuring us of our faith and our love for Lord! You always made me feel so loved and special to you, and you always knew Kyle and I were perfect for each other! You are truly the best and most wonderful father, husband,brother, and grandpa I have ever known, and with that being said WE LOVE YOU and we will meet you up there and see you again someday :) We love you, Grandpa, George, and Papa George!!!