Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally A Date Night With My HUBBY!!! :)

Oh boy was a date night much needed for Kyle and I, my goodness! We have not been on a date just the two of us in months lol. It was a great night and I swear that boy still gets butterflies in my stomach everytime, it felt like it was the first time we were going out on a date together all over again!!! I absolutely adore Kyle and think he is truly just the most wonderful amazing person I have ever met!!! So since we were in the valley we had my sister and my mom watch Mr. Talen Ryan so he was in great hands and then we were off around six thirty or so... Kyle took me to the cheese cake factory since both of us had never been there before, I know huh lol but it was AMAZING, love that place! We took our time and just enjoyed our dinner not to mention the great cheese cake we had, you cant go to that place and not get cheesecake! :) Kyle is just so darn cute, as we were leaving he says to me you wanna go do some shopping you deserve it, you need to just be spoiled tonight, I'm like "oh well what the heck, sure ;) lol so we did some clothes shopping and got some really cute things!!!

As we were leaving Kohl's we got in the car and there was this song on by Brad Paisley called Two people feel in love its on my blog, it is just the cutest darn song ever, you just have to listen to it, and he looks at me and says this is for you my Katie Lynn... it was so cute is just made me want to cry! So then there was a walmart right there by the Kohl's and he was like lets go buy that CD because I want you to have that one song lol, I'm like oh my silly we can just download it on my ipod, he is so funny :) About that time it was getting close to go see our movie at nine forty five the Gran Torino, which is by far I think the best movie we have ever seen it was just a great great movie and deals alot with racism but think it is a movie everyone should watch!!! Any hoo, we just had a wonderful time and I think that it is very important especially if you have kids to try and get out and make time at least once a month or if you have the money to go out with your husband and spend sometime together and remember the reason why you feel in love!!! I cant wait for our next date night hopefully it wont be eight months from now hahahha!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Talen and his buddy!

OH its just so darn cute, Talen ryan and Dax! They are a month apart and its so fun to watch them play together! For those of you who don't know who Dax is, Dax is Casi Seymore's youngest, well that's her maiden name but I figured that's how everyone would know her as lol... Anyways Dax is so cute and crawls like a little mad man its so funny, so when we had them all over and he was crawling I'm thinkin Talen totally felt left in the dust with Dax crawling all around him lol because all of a sudden he really started trying to crawl ;) He is almost there, he is really getting the hang of it, not to much longer and he will be crawling! He army crawls everywhere he wants to go now lol It's always so great having Casi over she is such a sweet person and such a good friend of mine, I don't know what I would do without you in flag lol!!! Thanks Cas for always being there and I love that Talen has a little buddy now! They're so cute together!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eventful Week!

So this past week was pretty nice! Talen and I decided to go down to the valley since Kyle was pig hunting and going to be gone all weekend, we went down to the valley to go see Kyle's grandpa George, which he is doing wonderful by the way and I got to spend some time with my mom and sister,just us girls!!! The weather is wonderful down in the valley right now so it was nice to go for a long walk with Talen and take him to the park with the kids. My sister jokes around with me because Talen was like amazed by the trees and the leaves at the park, and my sister looks at me and says " poor baby has he ever seen trees before" lol I said "rude" lol yes you but you have to remember we live where there has been lots of snow so he has not been able to go outside for a long time hahaha! But anyways after finally having to come back home I got to take my four year old niece Brooklyn back home with us, that was great! It opened my eyes more as to what having two kids would be like lol and in a way it was a little challenging but HELPFUL at the same time! Now I feel like when Kyle and I are ready to have our second baby I totally know whats comin and what to expect a little :) Boog was so much fun my goodness,and she just helped so much with Talen it was really nice, and plus that little girl just melts our hearts, so it was great to have her, thanks boog a boo for all your help! I finally had to meet her daddy on Friday to take her back and that just broke my heart we really enjoyed having her up here with us and hopefully we will get to do it again!!! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow did 2008 come and go or what, my goodness! I cant believe it is already 2009! We have been pretty busy these past three weeks, with Christmas, traveling, Kyles grandpa George being in the hospital, New Years and oh my hubby Kyle Ryan's 22ND BIRTHDAY which was on January 2ND :) I know I'm a little late posting its just we have not been home or anything to where I could get on a computer I know lol! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE RYAN you are my hole world MY BEST FRIEND, PARTNER, and THE BEST FATHER EVER to our beautiful baby boy TALEN RYAN!!! So... what a good way to start off the new year I'm so excited all of us girls are going to the BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT :) just a girls night out, with myself, my sister, Justina, Savanna, Jenny and Vicki my mother in law Woo HOO its going to be a blast!!!!

So anyways I thought it would be nice to post some pictures of Mr. Talen and let everyone know how he is doing :) He is doing wonderful he is just about 7 in a half months now, I know already, can you believe it, it is going way to fast for me, it just breaks my heart that he is growing up so darn fast! He is eating lots of solid foods now and LOVING them lol he's not crawling yet but really is trying he scoots around everywhere on his belly and lifts himself up like he is doing a push up its so funny, he has six teeth already my poor little man has had it rough lol He is starting to really like his walker and figuring out that he can go places in it, oh and did I mention that he is the biggest mamas boy ever!!:) I walk or leave the room for a split second he freaks out my goodness. Talen defiantly babels a hole bunch and we have been working with him on ma ma and da da he hasn't quite got it yet but he will :) Well that's whats going on in Talen Ryan's life at the moment hope everyone enjoys the picture!!!