Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oops she did it again!!!

That's right, you guess it, we went to the Britney Spears concert Friday night :) and boy oh boy was it so much dang fun!!! Myself, my sister, my niece, my mother in law vicki, and my two sisters in laws savanna and jenny :) It was totally a girls night out and man we all had such a great time!!! So we all wore shirts that said "I love my Britney" totally and inside joke if you don't already get it lol, so funny, so we get there a little early just to see all what was going on and thought wow we are totally all under dressed lol, all these girls were wearing next to nothing some dressed like miss Britney spears with their Britney's almost literally hanging out hahaha;) Anyhoo it was just a fun filled night, so I'm taking pictures with my camera right, and then by the time we get in there and she finally comes out on stage, it went a little something like this, savanna and I, "oh my gosh here comes Britney, oh my gosh here she comes" turn on my camera,"oh no, oh no, oh shiz.... my battery is just about to die any sec, hate when that happens:( I did get a couple of pictures before it decided to die on me lol But then I get home and realize that we packed my camera charger up and Kyle took the box to Show Low to be stored, darn it lol so I'll just have to go by a new one and post some pictures of our super fun night at the concert :) Take care everyone!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Things are gonna get pretty crazy!

Are they ever, man oh man! You know when you move and you realize you have so much more stuff then you totally were expecting, dang I hate when that happens!!! This week and weekend we will be packin and moving everything back up to show low:) aside from the Britney Spears concert this weekend that all of us girls are going to, woo hoo! Anyways pain in the rear packing but we decided we are not going to complain to much lol since we get to move back where we truly want to be more than anything, so wish us luck with all the packing my goodness we are going to need it!!! So this weekend was pretty fun, Kyle was bear and turkey hunting so Talen and I just hung around visiting with family, and he got a big boy hair cut from casi and it is super cute and super short he looks like a little boy seriously lol... his hair grows so darn fast it is unreal so we just decided to do a little boy hair cut and get rid of that mop thing he had going on hahaha but boy oh boy it is so dang cute, kinda makes me sad though too,he just looks like our big boy now lol I just cant believe he is going to be one next month crazy crazy! Things are going to be so crazy this month I decided to start practicing Talen's monkey birthday cake which turned out super cute by the way lol but I just feel like we are going to be so busy that I wanted to test it out before doing the real thing and start getting everything together, I know right sounds crazy cuz its not till the end of may lol but things are just going to get pretty crazy we have a feeling so for once I wanted to be on top of things!

Oh so Kyle's grandma and I were out and about today getting the storage unit all set up and decide to go out lookin at some houses for sale it was so darn fun, gosh we are just super excited to really get out there and start looking for a house :) FINALLY!!! It was just a good day, so relaxed, family around and beautiful weather, what more could you ask for! But I just thought I would throw in a couple pictures of Talen Ryan this weekend also, thanks for letting me wine a little about how crazy things are going to be :) Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Talen and his super cute new hair cute!!! Seriously his hair was so so thick and way to long it was startin to look really funny lol

Ah our little man, we love the dew and absolutely LOVE YOU!!!

Talen, Haylee, Jacob and Amber, Talen before he got his hair cut obviously :)

So grandma Vicki decided to get some baby chicks and ducks, so darn cute and she got three ducks one for Talen one for Haylee and one for Jacob hahaha they just love them, Talen seriously wants to grab them so darn bad, we let him touch one and he about riped its little neck off, it was like be gentle, gentle, gentle Talen AWWW be gentle hahaha he just could not get enough of the ducks and chicks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Better late than never! lol

Ok, so here’s the scoop last year when Kyle and I got married we didn't get to go on our honeymoon because Mr. Talen Ryan was only like two months old and there was no way in the world I was going to leave my baby lol so... this week we have finally decided to plan our honeymoon trip haha I Know a year later lol but better late than never hahaha. We are really wanting to do it sometime after summer, hopefully around our anniversary or beginning of fall, defiantly before we start havin some more babies:) cuz then it will take us a couple years before we can ever go anywhere just the two of us ya know! I really do think that it is important to spend time together and get that one on one time with each other especially when you have kiddos in the mix it’s hard to focus on each other sometimes ya know and plus we decided we totally deserve ;) So does anyone have any experiences from any places that you thought were totally great that you have been that we could possibly go to?! We would love to hear about, the people, the food, what fun things to do there, how expensive it was lol... we have been talking about Hawaii, Cabo, Jamaica, or even just somewhere around here, but of those three places we would like to try to go to the one that is the least expensive haha which would probably be Cabo,but we heard Hawaii is awesome too! If someone has a place they think would be great let us know please :) Thanks for your help, we are super excited and want to start getting everything together now!

Also I just thought I would share with everyone because we are just so darn happy we can’t even explain, WE ARE MOVING BACK TO SHOW LOW the end of this month :):) woo hoo so exciting, this seriously has been a long time coming and we have waited two years to move back. Kyle is getting transferred back over to show low and we just seriously could not be more happy my goodness, I just can’t even explain, pretty much our whole family is there and family is everything to us!!!! Especially when you have kids it just makes it that more important and it’s just too darn hard to be away! So we are going to live with some family for a month while we look for a house to buy, I can’t even explain how excited we are to finally buy a house this year oh my:) Things are finally starting to come together after two years of living in flagstaff the hell hole hahah and plus it is just way way to expensive here for us, we were hardley makin it. Anyways thanks for letting me share our good news! Take care everyone!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

So this easter we spent down in the valley with my sister and all our family, It was my oldest niece's birthday on easter so we got to spend it with them which was alot of fun and plus I promised my sister like last year that they would get us for easter this year, we are always tugged in every direction it seems like lol but thats how it goes when you get married, but we honestly would not have it any other way, family is everything:) Anyhoo Easter day was great, beautiful weather, family around, what more could you possibly ask for!!! Thought I would share some pictures from our easter down in the valley! Hope everyone had a wonderful easter!!!

The girls getting Talen up to go find his easter baskets lol

I'm not sure Talen knew what to think lol he had been taking a nap for a long time during the party while everyone was over there so we decieded to wake him up for the easter egg hunt and wake his butt up because everyone wanted to see him lol, he was probably thinking what the heck are all these kids doing runnin around like a crazy person looking around for all these balls as Talen calls them hahaha. I just think that its so darn fun with your childs first holidays even when sometimes they have no darn clue what to think of it let alone know what heck is going on, its still so much fun :)

Happy birhtday again our sissy girl we love you!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


What is it about working out and eating healthy that I just cant quite understand? I mean my goodness I just flat out sink at this! So, Kyle and I have been doing P90X and is totally kicking my you know what lol but is a great workout and really does get your behind in some serious shape, would totally recommend it to anyone, we have been so so trying to do it every night once Talen goes down to bed but then I just totally ruin it and run and eat junk food afterwords and its not like I'm even hungry its just to eat, its crazy!!! Let me tell ya though I am thinking I need to do alot more P90X before I get my butt in a swimsuit this summer haha... but really does anyone have any tips on at least trying to stay on a healthy eating habit and STAY healthy?! I mean Kyle and I went to Sam's club this weekend and were really trying to do the right thing and get the strawberries and fruits and healthy stuff, but when we walked down the asil of all the real good stuff like peanut butter m&ms mmmm and my fav the bagel bits I just cant resist lol, I'm like a kid in a candy shop! It sucks! And what makes it even harder is ok, Kyle is really good about eating healthy and when I with him I do so good, but when he is at work all day, YIKES, it gets bad! Anyone have any ideas as for what I should be eating throughout the day that somewhat healthy, please do tell :) Thanks for letting me vent a little!

oh and seriously I had to post this little clip of Talen Ryan, its just so darn cute he is so funny and makes the funniest noises sometimes, Kyle and I just die!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kiss Kiss...

Talen learned how to give kisses today, woo hoo go baby :) And he is so good at them lol, its just the sweetest darn thing ever!!! He also is really good at pointing to everything and everything he insist that mommy and daddy get for him hahaha I absolutely love this stage I just think that it is so much fun and watching them learn how to do new things everyday is just amazing!!!! Oh but I am freaking out just a little bit, today he only went down for like an hour nap if that and he normally takes at least two naps a day, for at least two hours, OK well sometimes they are shorter lol but yikes!!! I love nap time thats when I can get everything done, ya know! Is he at that age now where its just one nap a day? Maybe it was just today I don't know but he seriously would not go down for a nap at all and just wanted to play hahah am I missing something here?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Slone cousin day!

Wooeee... what a week we have had lol We went to Show Low last thursday so all the little cousins could play and see each other it was just about the cutest darn thing ever too! And might I add there are 7 great grand kids with one more on the way from Aly so that makes eight :) So much fun, and you would think with 7 of them running around would be crazyness especially because all of them are under three well except miss haylee of course but it actually wasn't to crazy they were all wonderful pretty much notice I say pretty much haha jk no they really were awesome the hole day!!! It was really alot of fun to see everyone, we will have to start planning our next cousins days for the little ones:)

Here we have Grandma Linda, Talen, Haylee, Ally, Chloe, Jacob and Micah, little Tayler was so tired and sleepin so we didnt get her in these ones! :(

Daddy, Talen and Haylee! So cute!

Oh boy was it hard trying to get them all to sit still and look our way haha

So before we left for Show Low Talen had been battling a nasty ear infection that seem to be going away as the weekend progressed but I guess not because we woke up yesterday at my mom house and my poor baby had a fever and yet again we took him to the doctor and low and behold that ear infection was still there :( I'm sorry our little man! And man o man are Kyle and I tried, last night he just did not sleep AT ALL it was really sad! He seems to be feeling better this moring!!! Thank goodness lol... We really had a wonderful week up in Show Low I love every chance we get to go back home and visit!!! :)