Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess what? :)

On May 16, 2010
Baby Slone #2 is due!
Which means I am 7 weeks and 2 days:)
We are sooo excited, just went to the doctor yesterday :)
Talen Ryan has no clue that in a couple short little months his wonderful little life of ruling the roost will come to a screeching hault! hahaha!

Will we have another handsome little boy?

Or will we try our luck in the girl making department? lol

(hahaha Yikes)

We will be seriously so happy for either one:)

Hope everyone is doing wonderful, sorry it has been a while since my last post!!! Things have been a little crazy! Take care!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bloggin Bum!

Wow, has it been a while since my last post, that's not like me, I know I must be like the worst blogger! lol Life has just been super super busy but we have been busy having fun that is! Busy doin what you say, well... we have been putting wood flooring in our house, getting new carpet and have been some painting fools haha its been great! That's all we have been doing pretty much every day and when Kyle gets of work. Kyle has been a workin man non stop so that way we can move into our house the end of this month, so excited I love it and love all the land we have its wonderful! I so have to put before and after pictures is amazing lol!

Kyle is doing great just keeping busy with work and the house, kind of a bummer since he has been going non stop to get everything done I don't get to see the hubs till late at night sometimes it stinks but that just means we are that much closer to movin in, woot woot! Thanks so much honey you are amazing!!! Cant wait for our date night next week! We really have been trying to do a night together at least twice a month I think its totally good for us and so much fun for us to get out and have some Kyle and Katie time! :)

And that so darn adorable funny little man of ours Mr. Talen Ryan, he is doing wonderful!! :) My goodness I swear each day he just teaches me something new! He is getting so good at talking and using his words its unreal, everyone cant believe what a good talker he is, its funny. A funny little story the other day, he was in my way in the kitchen and I said "hey Talen move your butt please" and so now he says to me or anyone "moo butt pease" hahah its just the sweetest he cracks me up! He is a wild little man and really just hilarious! You have never seen a baby so obsessed with dirk bikes, quads, and trucks or at least his daddy's truck lol Every single time we go outside or in the garage or walk out and see Kyles truck, vmmmm vmmm, vmmm vmmm he says hahaha its so cute!

And as for me,I'm just keeping busy with painting and finding new things for the house, taking care of little man, well taking care of my boys lol doing some crafts, going to school, and seriously enjoying every minute of all that! Oh I colored my hair all brown with lots and lots of red in it!!! I really like it, I told Casi ok maybe I need to put some highlights back in it though lol just because I am not used to having my hair this dark but its really starting to grow on me, I will have to post some pics of my new color soon! So here is the deal with our pictures,the charger to our camera is buried in a box in storage and instead of paying fifty bucks for a new one, we decided we already have one so we are just going to wait until we move in and get it out the end of this month, so I apologize for my camera phone pics that I put up and there are only a couple, but I promise as soon and I get the charger for my camera you better believe it I will be a picture taking fool!

Hope everyone is doing great and I will get back into the blogging world for sure :) Take care! These are the most random pictures haha