Thursday, December 17, 2009

DrumRoll Please.....


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silly Weekend

I know its almost another weekend here in two days lol and I just posting from last weekend man I just have not had time to get on! ha... well we had a wonderful weekend Kyle went hunting with most of the Slone boys, so Aly and her girls made a trip up to show low to visit and we got to spend the weekend with them at grandma Linda's house, which was a blast! Grandma Linda totally spoiled her kiddos like always, so they had a blast all those cousins running around was hilarious!! Talen was chasing them all he was little monster they called him, which that he can be sometimes lol! What a fun and silly weekend, it really is always the best in the world when all the little cousins get together they just have so much fun! It was just a great weekend, here are a few pics hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Who needs batman when you have the bad to the bone little Robin :)hahaha

So Talen was Mr. Robin this year lol we wanted dto make him batman they had the cutest costume but there was no way he would have worn a mask that coves every part of his face but his mouth so we thought the robin was cute and easy!! :) And boy did he look super cute! We had a great weekend just relaxed on Halloween day then went trick or treating with Jacob and Haylee and went to family and friends houses it was just a great day given the fact that I got super sick the end of the night :( but it was funny because all Talen could say was candy candy like the whole night my goodness I had to hide the candy because he was obsessed! Here are some pics from our fun night!

And on Sunday once again it was just super relaxing which was wonderful but Kyle and I had a date night that was super fun! Kyle's parents watched Talen for us and we went out to dinner and then went bowling now my gosh I have to tell you we have not been bowling in like four or five years and it has not been just Kyle and I alone together for a while hahaha WE had a great time, we decide we are going to do a date once a month just Kyle and I and for each month the other person has to pick out what we are going to do and surprise on another :) Really it is so important for Kyle and I to do that cuz ya know I think when you have kids and all the other crap in life lol sometimes you forget about the two of you and that's hard sometimes... but I think its nice to have some time together, get to talk, go out and remember whey you feel in love :) so that's what we are starting to do, woot woot! It was really so weird though with out our Talen Ryan not out on our date with us haha we felt naked he is our little man our EVERYTHING just cant get enough of him, but it was good for us lol....

Oh and we had our doctors app last week everything is lookin great and baby's heartbeat is 162!!! We are so excited about this baby this is such a blessing and such a blessing to have our Talen roo and now we are going to get to see him being a big brother:) so excited!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My goodness, has it been quite a while since my last most, my apologies lol Well I just thought I would give everyone a little update on us!
FINALLY, we are moved into our house :) woot woot! I just absolutely hate unpacking though my gosh its just the worst! And man oh man I have been super sick lately with baby and chasing Talen Ryan all around I seriously have not felt like unpacking or doing anything, but I need to get off my behind and just do it lol
oh and FINALLY I found our camera charger in one of the boxes that was of course the last box in the back in storage ha so I plan on taking lots of pics! And also we FINALLY got our computer all hooked up and I am ready to start rocking and rolling back in the blog world:)

As for Kyle and I we are doing wonderful!!! Kyle is still my awesome super husband who is still working super hard, working on the house all the time, taking care of his not so nice sometimes grouchy pregnant wife and chasing Mr. Talen around lol He is just the most AMAZING person I know and don't know what my life would be like without him!!!

Me, well I'm doing great except for the hole being really sick :( I was doing pretty good at first and then BAM... it just started getting really bad everyday! Cant wait for it to pass hopfully soon though, we have our next Dr. app coming up and get to hear the baby's heart beat!!! :)

And Talen, he is doing GREAT he is so crazy I just love it, so funny and so darn cute we cant help but to just want to die laughing all the time! He is talking so good its amazing and is just truly becoming such a big boy! Its funny when we or anyone ask him...
Me-"Talen do you want a baby brother"?
Talen- "baby bother" he says or sometimes his response is "NO" lol

Me-"Talen do you want a baby sister"?
Talen-"rawwrrrrrr" its so weird and funny hahaha or is just the plan "um no" lol

oh great he is totally not wanting to share his mommy and daddy with anyone!

So here is just a couple pics of Talen, enjoy!
I have to get off my bum and do my hair, unpack and make dinner for my dads birthday tonight! Take care everyone!

Talen and his cousins busting a move out on the dance floor at Kyle's cousins wedding

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess what? :)

On May 16, 2010
Baby Slone #2 is due!
Which means I am 7 weeks and 2 days:)
We are sooo excited, just went to the doctor yesterday :)
Talen Ryan has no clue that in a couple short little months his wonderful little life of ruling the roost will come to a screeching hault! hahaha!

Will we have another handsome little boy?

Or will we try our luck in the girl making department? lol

(hahaha Yikes)

We will be seriously so happy for either one:)

Hope everyone is doing wonderful, sorry it has been a while since my last post!!! Things have been a little crazy! Take care!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bloggin Bum!

Wow, has it been a while since my last post, that's not like me, I know I must be like the worst blogger! lol Life has just been super super busy but we have been busy having fun that is! Busy doin what you say, well... we have been putting wood flooring in our house, getting new carpet and have been some painting fools haha its been great! That's all we have been doing pretty much every day and when Kyle gets of work. Kyle has been a workin man non stop so that way we can move into our house the end of this month, so excited I love it and love all the land we have its wonderful! I so have to put before and after pictures is amazing lol!

Kyle is doing great just keeping busy with work and the house, kind of a bummer since he has been going non stop to get everything done I don't get to see the hubs till late at night sometimes it stinks but that just means we are that much closer to movin in, woot woot! Thanks so much honey you are amazing!!! Cant wait for our date night next week! We really have been trying to do a night together at least twice a month I think its totally good for us and so much fun for us to get out and have some Kyle and Katie time! :)

And that so darn adorable funny little man of ours Mr. Talen Ryan, he is doing wonderful!! :) My goodness I swear each day he just teaches me something new! He is getting so good at talking and using his words its unreal, everyone cant believe what a good talker he is, its funny. A funny little story the other day, he was in my way in the kitchen and I said "hey Talen move your butt please" and so now he says to me or anyone "moo butt pease" hahah its just the sweetest he cracks me up! He is a wild little man and really just hilarious! You have never seen a baby so obsessed with dirk bikes, quads, and trucks or at least his daddy's truck lol Every single time we go outside or in the garage or walk out and see Kyles truck, vmmmm vmmm, vmmm vmmm he says hahaha its so cute!

And as for me,I'm just keeping busy with painting and finding new things for the house, taking care of little man, well taking care of my boys lol doing some crafts, going to school, and seriously enjoying every minute of all that! Oh I colored my hair all brown with lots and lots of red in it!!! I really like it, I told Casi ok maybe I need to put some highlights back in it though lol just because I am not used to having my hair this dark but its really starting to grow on me, I will have to post some pics of my new color soon! So here is the deal with our pictures,the charger to our camera is buried in a box in storage and instead of paying fifty bucks for a new one, we decided we already have one so we are just going to wait until we move in and get it out the end of this month, so I apologize for my camera phone pics that I put up and there are only a couple, but I promise as soon and I get the charger for my camera you better believe it I will be a picture taking fool!

Hope everyone is doing great and I will get back into the blogging world for sure :) Take care! These are the most random pictures haha

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us :)

Well on August 2ND was our 1 year anniversary, yay baby! I know I know I am like a week late posting it lol I just really have not had a chance to get on the computer! Anyhoo... I just cant believe one year has gone by so darn fast, but we were talkin about it and my goodness the end of this august will be 7 years Kyle and I have been together that's crazy, it seems like we have been married way longer than a year maybe its just because we have been together for so long lol hahah who knows! But I must say Kyle Ryan you are amazing in every single way possible and to this day you still give me those butterflies in my stomach when you kiss me and make me weak at the knees when you smile at me! We were truly meant to be together and live a life long happiness!!! You are all I have ever known, dating since I was 15 years old my goodness we have come such a long long way :) look how far we have come, seven years together, we got married last year and started a beautiful family! So here's to the man who is not only my very best friend, father of my child but the absolute love of my life :) I love you Kyle Ryan, you are my everything, always and forever :) Sorry I only have this pic on this computer, once we move in our house and get our computer going I can put some pictures of our wedding I know some people have been asking me to put them up:)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bye Bye July Hello August

Well as you can tell I am so darn ready for July to be over and SO ready for August :) July has just been one crazy month for us, my oh my! We have had one heck of a time with our house going through lets just say it has been a nightmare, but it finally closed yesterday, alright!!! Its finally ours we are finally home owners lol so excited! Then to add on to all this madness that has been going on this month, Talen got sick and has an ear infection in both ears :( I know my poor baby, its just been way sad, he has just been miserable, but we are for sure ready to say goodbye to July and hello August, start over fresh! This month we get to look forward to fixing up and moving into our house and also our anniversary is this weekend WOOHOO 1 year of marriage and the end of this August is 7 years Kyle and I have been together :) :) we are so dang excited about that! We were planning on going somewhere this weekend but we decided with all the crazy stuff going on with the house and Talen being sick we need to just stay here work on the house this weekend and take care of our baby and go next weekend!!! Anyhoo, things have just been way crazy this July and I am just ready for things to settle down! I wont bore everyone with every little crazy detail in our lives hahah we will just keep it sweet and simply for now, but just thought I would fill ya in! Hope everyone is doing great! Here are a few pic for this month, sorry alot of them are from my camera phone!

Oh goodness Talen loves going around the park in his little buggy! :)

Are funny little man, what would we do without you!