Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally and update and 7 months already with our Paysen Grace!! :)

Wow! Has it been forever since i updated out blog goodness. Well let me just start off saying that god is GREAT,and thanks to him, the wonderful help of Dr. Tindall and all the great staff that was there, Paysen Grace Slone is here weighed 3bls 11oz 16in long, ya scary lol It has been a crazy crazy ride with little miss Paysen, I am sure as most of you heard the scare we had with her she was born seven weeks early, she is our little preemie girl, but after a emergency c-section and being in the nicu down in the valley for a month, life is great Paysen Grace is healthy and happy, she now is 13lbs 22in long :):), doing wonderful, has a mommy and daddy who love her sooooo much and she has a awesome little brother who just adores her:)

Now Paysen is seven months already which is just sooooo crazy to me she is so tiny still lookin like a four or five month old lol but she will get there, she is doing wonderful:) Seven months have gone by so fast and in these seven months things have been great and wonderful, Talen,Paysen,Kyle and I are all just as happy as can be and life is beautiful! To be honest I really don't want to type all that has been going on the past eight or seven months that would stinkin take forever and I don't have the time anymore with a two in a half year old and a seven month old hahah so I'm just givin you a little quick update and some pics since it has been forever and some have not even seen Pay yet. So sad I lost my camera somewhere down in the valley while we were there for a month :( so I don't have all my nicu pictures but I am going to have Kyles sister Savanna lynn download all hers to my computer since she had just as many as we did of Paysen, oh and Thanks again Savanna lynn you are amazing person you took care of us and were with us everyday at the hospital I honestly don't know how to thank you, I just love you to death! :) Anyways and then I can post them of our experience in the nicu and you can see how small she was, but I do have just one or two I posted from my phone.

Paysen Grace while in the nicu!

My two beautiful kiddos and I

Getting to feed Our little pretty pretty princess!

Mr. Raycer Jaxx and Miss Paysen Grace! They are best preemie buds:)

Brother and sister!

Fun with the Kakavas family!



Kaylee said...

Glad you guys pulled through! She is such a doll and Talen is still as handsome as ever!

SpencerandChelseaCoon said...

I cant believe how tiny she was...such a blessing! She is such a pretty girl!

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Your so welcome! I love you and miss you guys! You know I will always be there no matter what....I will always take care of your family like they are my own no matter what.(although I don't have my own little ones haha you know what I mean)I will make sure to bring my memory card next time I'm up!!

Taralee said...

Congrats on the precious little lady! She is seriously a doll. I'm glad she is healthy and getting some chub on her! You have the cutest family!

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sweet! : )

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